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Classes Offered:

Two levels of training classes are offered at the Leavenworth, KS location. The classes are meant to work together, and it is suggested that dogs take both levels of classes for the best results.

pawprintMANNERS and OBEDIENCE Level One: This is the foundation level class and includes many behaviors like beginning walking on leash, sit, down, come, focused attention, place, and stay.

pawprint2MANNERS and OBEDIENCE Level Two: This a continuation of Level One with the skills getting more refined and difficult. Additional skills like directional come, leave it, wait, back, and stand will be added along with work on mannered greetings. Class is seasonal as over 50% is outdoors. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Level One class or permission. This class is held sporadically and normally in summer or late fall.

Location: Riverfront Community Center, 123 N. Esplanade St.
Dates: Wednesday nights: 2018 dates March 7th-April 18th
May 2nd-June 13th
July 18th-August 29th
September 12th-October 24th
November 7th-December 19th

Level 1: 6:15-7:15 pm

Level 2: TBD by instructor

How to Register: Call 913-651-2132 for more information. You must register in person at the Riverfront Community Center. This is a Park and Recreation program.
Cost: $80
Requirements: Dogs must be: 4 months of age or older, have current vaccinations, be handled by someone 12 years of age or older, and be non-dog and people aggressive. No dogs the first class.
Payment: Payment required prior to first class. Pay at the Community Center front desk.

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